What is Leadership?

At Castilleja, leadership isn't a role; it's a mindset. 

Leadership doesn't just mean being in charge. It means serving as a role model, asking new questions, being present as a listener, and making good choices. For Castilleja students, leadership is a way of thinking and seeing that becomes a path to effect change. Every girl learns about herself by defining her strengths as a leader. 

Unlimited Ways to Lead

Self-awareness is essential to effective leadership. Knowing this, we ask our students to explore three leadership competencies—initiative, agility, and purpose—through experiences that they find personally compelling. As each girl makes unique choices to learn within a context that is meaningful to her, she can explore unlimited ways to lead.  

Castilleja alumnae become engaged citizens of the world, putting their talents to work as politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and activists. They know they deserve a seat at the table, they seek creative and equitable solutions, and they feel empowered to do work that matters.